What the Hell Am I Doing?

Well folks, its time to trot out the funeral processions as SEO has been killed yet again.  SIGH.  Yet again, Google has turned SEO into a Mission Impossible.  Google has beaten the crap out of the already dead horse which we used to call, Search Engine Optimization.

If truth be known (and it will be since I’m about to write it) SEO is NOT dead.  SEO will always be alive because no matter how Google decides to rank sites it can be gamed by those who know how.  The huge updates last year have decreased the number of people who “know how” and cleared out a lot of the shitty players in the market.

Here at the blog I’ll give out some nice little tips on how to rank your website in the modern iteration of Google.

One thing that is obvious to me is that the closer you are to your money site the whiter your hat should be.  In other words, the content you use in the first tier should be of higher quality and less spammy than the links on your third tier.  We’ll get to some specifics as the months go on but I wanted to make my first post of the new blog so here it is.  See ya around.


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