SAPE? What?

It seems that our buddy Matt Cutts has taken notice of the Russian network (SAPE) and taken 2 minutes out of his busy day to tweet about it.

@dannysullivan @seocom just another day at the office for me. 🙂 Okay, gotta look at some really naughty Russian link selling software now.”

SAPE, we hardly knew ya.  So long.  Remember what happened to networks like BMR?

One problem with this though, SAPE is not a private network of a few thousand sites.  SAPE boasts around 500,000 sites (or some such ridiculous number).  There isn’t anything obvious about it that would connect the sites, making it easy for Google to find the domains and ax them.

My take on the network is to only use it with “burn and churn” type sites.  If you can’t rebuild the site easily and start over then don’t use SAPE links directly to your site.  If you’re absolutely determined to use them then create a buffer between your site and the SAPE network.  This way if things head south all you need to do is remove some links and you’re back to being pristine and “White Hat”


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  1. luminworld on

    Thank you for sharing this update.

  2. on

    All Google has to do is create an account in SAPE and export all of the sites…not difficult for them at all to eliminate them all from their SERPs. Footprints don’t matter in this case.

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