Hey gang, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about “RankHACK” at WickedFire Forum so I decided to take a look.  Lets just put it this way.  I know exactly what they are doing and I’ve produced the same sized postable list that their customers are claiming to be receiving.   These links are BEAST.

They seem to be selling out constantly so the demand is high.  They should raise their prices to double what they are charging if they can’t keep up.

In any case I may be able to squeeze a few orders out if anybody is desperate to join the tidal wave.  Comment here with your email and we’ll talk details.  (Email won’t be made public)

Ok well I’ve put up a thread at traffic planet officially offering this for sale.   Here is a link to my rank hack traffic planet thread.


SAPE? What?

It seems that our buddy Matt Cutts has taken notice of the Russian network (SAPE) and taken 2 minutes out of his busy day to tweet about it.

@dannysullivan @seocom just another day at the office for me. 🙂 Okay, gotta look at some really naughty Russian link selling software now.”

SAPE, we hardly knew ya.  So long.  Remember what happened to networks like BMR?

One problem with this though, SAPE is not a private network of a few thousand sites.  SAPE boasts around 500,000 sites (or some such ridiculous number).  There isn’t anything obvious about it that would connect the sites, making it easy for Google to find the domains and ax them.

My take on the network is to only use it with “burn and churn” type sites.  If you can’t rebuild the site easily and start over then don’t use SAPE links directly to your site.  If you’re absolutely determined to use them then create a buffer between your site and the SAPE network.  This way if things head south all you need to do is remove some links and you’re back to being pristine and “White Hat”

Best Windows VPS Provider For SEO Tools?

I have had up to 40 windows VPS at one time and with an arsenal like this you need the servers to be stable.  If you spend half your day running down support tickets instead of using your servers then you’re really missing the boat.  I’ve used quite a few different providers but the best guys out there, in my opinion, is Bermanhosting.com.  You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of proxies but their Extreme VPS Server is nothing short of spectacular.  It comes with….

  • 4 Cores, each at 3.4 Ghz
  • 4 Gigs of DDR3 Ram
  • 100 Gigs of HD space
  • Unlimited Up/down

Just don’t expect to spam them without decent proxies because they will shut you down quicker than you can blink an eye.

I run the following on it without a hitch.

  • AMR
  • ScrapeBox
  • Gscraper
  • Hrefer
  • Licorne All In One v 2.x
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • probably a few more that I have forgotten about.

Alot of these softwares run simultaneously without maxing out the 4 cores you get.  Just a joy to work with and they charge something stupid cheap like $55

They do have cheaper plans that work fine for most tools but you can’t multi task on them like you can the Elite VPS

Go check them out if you need something FAST and RELIABLE



Creating a Web 2.0 Network with Page Rank Using Automated Tools?

Is it possible to create a high powered network of web 2.0 properties using only automated tools?

This is a question that I am about to answer.  Here are my plans…

  • Create 100 wordpress.com accounts using Zennoposter
  • Spam blog comments and trackbacks to these subdomains (ie. username.wordpress.com) using tools.
  • Measure domain authority over time and wait for the next PR update to roll around which should be in April

I know for a fact that PR of these domains can be increased with this method.  Now the question is can I do this systematically over and over on a consistent basis.  My guess is yes but that’s why you test stuff, right?

What the Hell Am I Doing?

Well folks, its time to trot out the funeral processions as SEO has been killed yet again.  SIGH.  Yet again, Google has turned SEO into a Mission Impossible.  Google has beaten the crap out of the already dead horse which we used to call, Search Engine Optimization.

If truth be known (and it will be since I’m about to write it) SEO is NOT dead.  SEO will always be alive because no matter how Google decides to rank sites it can be gamed by those who know how.  The huge updates last year have decreased the number of people who “know how” and cleared out a lot of the shitty players in the market.

Here at the blog I’ll give out some nice little tips on how to rank your website in the modern iteration of Google.

One thing that is obvious to me is that the closer you are to your money site the whiter your hat should be.  In other words, the content you use in the first tier should be of higher quality and less spammy than the links on your third tier.  We’ll get to some specifics as the months go on but I wanted to make my first post of the new blog so here it is.  See ya around.